Monday, March 24, 2014

Case Manager Visit, Duh,Duh, Dum.

Yes, it was the every other month reminder that I am indeed still considered a patient and a client. It can be aggravating to say the least and you'd think that I would just be used to it by now. Simply said, I just don't see myself as being a "patient." Never will. It's what keeps me going. Usually, the current case manager is quite late with no phone call, but today, only 5 minutes with no phone call. So, not too bad. There I sat, hands in my lap and ready to be asked a multitude of almost invasive questions. It must happen you say to yourself. Just answer as succinctly as possible and as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day. First question, "Have you been hospitalized in the last 60 days?" Thinking to myself, really? I think you would have been notified of this. Second question? "ANy change in your meds?" me, "I take just one med. and it is still the same as it has been for 10 years." I don't know, the usual stuff. Then I have to sit and watch her read thru my nurse's charting and their communication back and forth with each other. She did ask if I wanted a group meeting with everyone, to which I simply said, "no we're fine." The best part of her visit is she will bring paper supplies and soap and hand sanitizer. So, it's worth an hour of stupid, but necessary questions to get these goods. I know, boring blog, but it is all that was happening today.

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  1. I've been thinking of you today. I enjoyed our day with you, Callyn, Mack and your brothers yesterday. It was so nice to be together. Good job today! Love you! Mom