Sunday, March 1, 2015

What Is Happening?

Yes, "life" continues to keep happening. One minute, you have young children and are just plugging away, putting in all of your energy and efforts in making sure they are fed, happy, thriving, safe. And the next, you are over hearing the older one helping the younger one do their income taxes! I am feeling so rewarded by this! Despite many hurdles both high and low, I have raised two young, competent adults. I am so glad that they have each other to navigate this world. At this moment, my soon to be 25 year old daughter is flying 1st class to her birthday destination of San Diego. Another U.S. destination to cross off her list. With all that is bad happening in this world, we have carved out a little corner for ourselves and I for one am loving and appreciating it so much. And Cal if you happen to see this, you are my world and I love you so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And as Grandpa always says, "keep up the good work!" You are loved.

Friday, February 13, 2015


It has been quite a great build up to my fifty-second birthday! It started last saturday night with an awesome country concert at Mill City Nights in downtown Minneapolis. The main performer was Eric Paslay and my daughter had actually met him a couple of years earlier. He is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a lot of swinging hits. The accessible seating at this venue happened to be right above the stage, so needless to say, we had a blast. Both of us ended up with his personalized guitar picks! Then a few days after that show, I was invited by my youngest sis. to go see John Mellencamp at the newly renovated Northrup Auditorium at the U of Mn. It has always been a nice place to see a show, but with the 2 year renovation of the space, it is even better. The acoustics were like listening with your own headphones. We saw him several years ago and he is just as great a performer as he ever was. The man has been around a long time and still has this swagger and charisma. It was so fun. And then last night I went to an impromptu dinner at our new favorite local Mexican restaurant with some of my family. And the title of this post is called "Fabuloso" because that is the name of the cleaner that the staff uses there. They wipe down entire booths with the stuff and the smell is unmistakable and really overpowering. It can be a little overwhelming. Like the gas station bathroom smell times 500! Alas, if you want the authentic, Mexican delish-is-ness, you need to endure a little Fabuloso I guess. So now I look ahead to my Mom and Dad's this weekend for a birthday brunch (also Fabulous) and a girl's night Bachelor viewing and pizza party on my actual day. Life is good and I am feeling soooo fortunate and blessed with all the love that I can handle! Peace.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Too Much

Last week a 14 year old young man in our building was having troubles with his Mother and went missing for a time. One of our neighbors had organized a group of other kids in the building and was going door to door looking for any helpful information of where he might be. Then a couple of days after that we noticed him running around the fields and parking lots with what looked like a "toy" rifle of some sort. Toy isn't really a good choice of looked real. Really real! I knew he would get into trouble eventually and blew it off. Sure enough, the next day I saw him running through the fields again and he did look very authentic. Running really fast and holding the damn rifle like he was actually in pursuit of someone. Someone called police and within minutes they knew who he was and where he lived. Hopefully, he can learn the importance of public perception! And now Lino Police is reporting an increase in home burglaries and car thefts. AND the manhunt that happened yesterday in and around the Cities was very disturbing. (To say the least) Then to cap it all off, I got a call right before bed telling me that a friend of mine was going thru severe mental issues with her son. Somehow got some decent sleep and feel like I am keeping afloat within a surging sea of the thing we call "Life" swirling around me. I am praying for a peaceful day! For all.