Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pangs of heartbreak.

A close friend had a bad fall and is recovering in the hospital. Broken ribs, broken pelvis and a broken vertebrae. She is in a body cast. We have been so worried and we won't visit until she is moved to a physical rehab. center. The undeniable feeling of wanting to help and check on her is literally eating away at a group of us. This incident has brought up so many feelings and memories of how it was when I was confined to a rehab. hospital a couple of times. Of course you know that your friends and family are worried sick, yet there isn't much you can do to console them. It's exhausting pretty much to visit, and not pleasant at all to have them see you when you are down. You work hard at trying to get back to your normal or even a tiny speck of an inch of your normal. So, even though I get "it", it is the worst thing someone can go through. The feeling of being cut off from the world like you are void of all freedoms. So, I am offering the only thing I can to you my friend Mary; Prayers and good thoughts to you always as you fight this horrible battle. I wish you peace and fast healing and hope you know that we are all here for anything, anytime. And this also goes out to your kids and sweet Bill. You are loved woman!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Patients on parade.

This past week I went to my appointment with an Ear Nose Throat specialist at the U of M"s new Health Clinics and Surgery Center. As usual for me, I try to arrive early for a new Dr. and new place. It is a beautiful and very modern building. There is a convenient valet service and many friendly and knowledgeable greeters there to help direct you to where you need to be. Like I said, we were very early so we settled in and I began my habit and hobby of people watching. It was both inspiring and sad to see the patient warriors strolling up and down the lobby. Many in wheelchairs and face masks and oxygen tanks. I was actually nervous for my appointment and this never ending stream of patients made me feel so deeply grateful for the health that I do have! My appointment went well. I was so impressed with my Doctor. He made me feel confident that I have nothing to worry about when it comes to my trach. He did a nose and throat scope and actually recorded it so I could check it out. A little stressful, but I thoroughly trusted him. I could need a revision surgery in the future, but for now we are just trolling along and taking things as they come. Much like the parade of patients that I observed.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Frollicking at the Festival.

Nothing beats the annual St. Joseph of the Lakes Festival weekend. My parents and myself have been making it a tradition for many, many years. It is the parish's largest fundraiser. And while the world around us is seemingly more crazy and stressful by the minute, I find peace and fun times at the outdoor church festivities. I used to live right across the street so old neighbors and close friends are so sweet to run into. This may be reaching just a bit, but it is kind of like a small town Mayberry or Blue Bell feel. I ran into both old and new friends alike. It was a real boost in spirits for me. Today was especially fun as I ran into my old and dear friend Becky and her sweet husband and beautiful and energetic children. She and I met years ago when my own two kids were little. We had a little support group called Club MD. (for muscular dystrophy) A little off track, but she told me about a former member of our group who is struggling with declining health. He is suffering with chronic respiratory failure and will not prolong his life with a fulltime respirator(vent. like I have) and it makes me feel very sad because I still have a great quality of life! So there will be highs and some lows in the church vicinity, but that's what life is all about I guess. Peace!