Friday, May 29, 2015

Track and Field Day Takes Me Back.

One of the schools we visit had their track and field day yesterday. It was fun to show up and see and hear the shouts and laughter surrounding the goings on in the playing field of the school. Almost immediately, I started remembering when I was in elementary school and used to have severe nervousness towards the end of the school year due to track and field days just like this one. The running relays used to really make me tense up. I was not a good runner or even an average runner. I remember so much about those times because I had so many emotions about it. Even though I didn't really know why I was so bad at sports and uncoordinated, I still participated. I would never have given up or stormed off. My friends seemed to be sympathetic somehow even though they had no idea why I was not very good. My symptoms were never really severe enough to be tested either. In fact, it wasn't until my last year in college when I would be thoroughly tested and given my diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy. In hindsight, I handled a lot and really glad that my life has evolved right through this disease. I have just always had to do things in a different way. Sometimes things come up that trigger memories and I feel the need to be proud of myself for getting through some really tough emotional times. I feel like, "wow, I managed to get through that!" Oh and I did have small physical achievements... I managed to win a blue ribbon in 6th grade for the Shoe Kick! A small victory to some, but this was actually HUGE for me!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Do You Need Help?"

I know. I should probably be happy about the fact that there are people who will just assume that because you are in a wheelchair that you need extra, urgent help of some kind and want to make sure that you don't. Today in Minnesota, most parts of the state had reached very mild temps. I had done a couple of regular errands and couldn't wait to get outside to soak up some sun. This is my freedom time. For a brief moment, I basked in the glorious, joyous, exuberant sunshine. Lost for a moment while I was concentrating on my ear phones and IPOD charge and just minding my own business when a serious looking woman from behind me yelled out, "Do you need help?." I was taken by surprise a bit because I really hadn't seen the woman from the front. I turned around and called out," oh no, but thank you!!!" With the ever faithful 20/20 hindsight, I should have said, "no, why?" Oh, maybe someday. I didn't let it bug me too much. I lost two people from my past within 12 or so hours of each other today. One was an old, family friend who was the type of man to always exhibit the best possible sense of humor, charm and friendliness. A close friend of my parents who will be greatly missed. The other, was a friend of a friend who became an Auntie to me who was not a blood relative, but as close as she could have been. I was blessed to have gotten to know her in her later years. Her sense of humor about the many hardships that she faced throughout her life were truly inspirational to me. Rest Aunt Betty.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Lot of Life Happening.

I was on yet another emotional roller coaster last week. It started with an early monday morning visit to the vet with Brody for I guess a "routine" tooth pull on a tooth that had an exposed nerve. (No more hard bones for Brodes)And it all went well, and anyways, During the drop off, a man was lifting his huge, really furry old German Shepherd out of his car and carrying inside. The poor pup was hanging it's head and drooling too. It was just such a sad and pathetic sight because I knew what was happening. This faithful friend was ready for some permanent rest. Then that night, I had a fun visit to a friend's house with the girls to kick off the new Bachelorette season. (I like to refer to it as a sociology experiment) and then also that night I had a very bad encounter with what was to be my new monday overnite nurse. To say that she was out of whack was an understatement and she will no longer be working here. She was very physically and mentally unstable. So, pretty scarey for me. It was also moving time for my parents and my daughter. Both transitions went wonderfully, but I still have a tendency to get so emotionally involved in my family members comings and goings. I "think" I'm getting better at rolling with the flow. Hopefully, I can continue to follow my own advice of "it's not my problem." All is looking up so far for this week being a little more relaxed. Peace out.