Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Witnessed My 1st major Traffic Crash Today.

I always thought that crashes were something that happened along either before or after I would have been to that particular spot. Well, I learned that I could guess again. There we were...waiting for a commonplace left hand turn and the flatbed truck that was in front of us pulled out to make his left...well all of a sudden a cab/type pickup truck came speeding right in front of the flat bed. Someone was running the red light. And fast! The light runner nicked the front bumper causing him to start flipping twice and then landing on all fours and slid well through the rushed traffic stop. I screamed out to my nurse Jen, "call 911 !!!" Well by then, there were many other eyewitnesses already upon the scene to do whatever they could to help. Once we saw that the the 3 victims had been pulled out to safety, we left. I was relieved to see that they appeared to be alright. Two adults and a young 4 or so year old child. THANK GOD it was not worse. It felt like we were on a movie set. Both of us shaken, we went about on our way with a teachable moment for our family and friends. The message is SLOW down, no running lights either.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Friend In Your Head May Have Said," Oh Grow Up!!!"

I'm sure that many of you have heard about Joan River's passing. She was a multi-talented performer. A world wide famous comedienne, stage and screen performer, mother and grand-mother, she was everywhere...and it seemed like she would be forever. I definately grew up watching the progression of her career. Very outspoken for a woman in her era. And I didn't think much about it. She was one of the 1st women who put herself out there in the early days of equality with regards to show-biz. We all stood up and listened to her. She was not without her struggles and triumphs. Like with any famous person, in this day in age, we hear SOOOO many details about a famous person's passing. I have often watched many a news type show that seems to have a pre-prepared story of one's life all ready to go. A veritable "This is Your Life." Times 1 million! She had quite an extraordinary life. She had shared this fact with in one of her many best selling books, exactly what she wanted for her life's celebratory send-off...funeral. I have heard through the media that hers was a grand and extravagant event. Her daughter went all out. Was it too much? Perhaps. (I did like the bag-pipes at the end though.) As it was, this event was for those that she left behind. Joan was already up there soaring! Of course, this has got me thinking to write it all down. What I would like for my own send off. But then again, just who is this send-off for? I think it's for those who are left behind and for all of their pieces of minds....this may be a bit confusing. Just go in peace and let your love flow. Feel blessed for what love you had in your life.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Navigating College Financial Aid Is Not For The Faint At Heart

I remember waaaay back in the pre-technology age (early 80's) when you were awarded financial aid, you received an award letter in the mail. Done deal. It explained a couple of different options. You were told to visit the campus financial aid office and claim a form or two. Unfortunately, those simple, uncomplicated days are long gone. Now you need computer forms and print outs. LOTS of them. You wait months for an award letter only to find out that the LETTER is in a student file online! My son was finally granted some aid and then came the voucher process to score some books. He made a few attempts to do this and when he kept coming home completely frustrated, I told him that "I am going to meet you tomorrow morning and we are not leaving school until you have books in your hands!" We approached the financial aid lady and she gave us some instructions for the computer system. Then we went to the Admissions office and got help there too. The Admissions lady helped us navigate the computer system and when she asked a question I started to answer. She looked at me and said, "now Mom, you don't have to answer. Mackenzie is capable of answering this." Inside I wanted to boil over onto her, but took a breath and just said, "well at this point, I have to be a little involved." I mean the financial part of college, is of a little bit of interest to the parents, don't you think? Well, with a little help, we got thru the process. Star Id, passwords and being tested of your knowledge of loans and then a slow computer system to boot. He got the voucher printed off and we strolled to the bookstore. I was almost giddy with relief and happiness! It was cute when my son approached the book store lady with the 3 books he had tried 2 other times to get, and he said "finally, I have the voucher to get my books. That didn't take too long!" Score. And I wish our government could make this process a little bit easier. It was a true test of patience that's for sure. (The government comment is for my Mom!) you are so right Mom. So now one last hurdle is making sure he gets into an a.m. class he wants. They are waiting for the 3 no show students to withdraw so he can have the spot! Ugh. Hopefully, another victory will happen soon. What a crazy way to start college.