Monday, June 27, 2016

So this happened.

There was a gathering happening at my sister Susan and my brother in law's house yesterday. Both of their daughters have graduated. One from college and one from high school. The party was also celebrating summer birthdays and summer anniversaries and both sides of their family were gathering. While folks were arriving, I stopped and thought, "hmmm, my parents aren't here yet, that's strange for them." And it was only a few minutes later that I was told my other sister (the baby sis), her husband and my parents had been rear ended in the little sports car convertible they were in at a red, left turn stoplight. Everyone was ok and we found out it was a 17 year old young man in a very large pick up truck. His statement was "I blinked." It became a tough scene when the young man didn't want to hand over I.D. or insurance info. His mother was called and also the Sheriff came and got things squared away. We were all so relieved when our crash victims finally arrived at the party. All were obviously shaken and we were all so relieved that there were no injuries or worse! My Mom couldn't believe the loud blast from the impact and what a shock it was. I mean there they were enjoying a special ride in a snazzy little sports car on a beautiful summer day and out of the blue, BAM! God blessed us all yesterday and we are grateful. The party continued on with renewed love and togetherness. Thank you Susan and Ern, Maddie and Meghan for yet another wonderful party. Another reminder that lives can change or even worse END in a matter of a split second. I am taking on my day being so grateful. Peace.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The store with almost everything.

IF you have the chance to visit an At Home Store. GO! First of all, it's just plain fun. It's a lot like a huge Homegoods store meets Kirkland's meets Marshall's or TJ Maxx. Not clothes, but everything home furnishings for your home. A little overwhelming I must say even for me! When I heard that 2 of my friends had visited and shopped there for THREE hours! Of course I had to go. See photo. of me at the end of the floor to ceiling aisle of pillows. I will go back for some decorative pillows because the price is right for sure. A good field trip if you're into shopping around. Don't let it overwhelm you. Allow yourself a little time and kind of know what you're looking for. A good escape for sure.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mammogram, Shmammogram

Yes, it was about that time. I was due. It had been about 3 years since my last one. The few that I had had before the last one were not too good nor too bad. I mean nothing detected so that's good. It always takes a little bit longer with me because I can't just stand and snuggle up to the monsterish looking machine. We have to literally push me into it like I'm back in elementary school and being shoved into some dorky guy I have a crush on! So the reason why I was hesitant today to go back to the monster was because with my last mammogram the skin under both of my lady parts ripped. Yes, I said ripped! And the pain from that was so horrible that I left the office in tears. And my nurse left with me in a traumatized state as well. So today, we went to a special women's radiology clinic and I found that the atmosphere was trying really hard to give off a spa type feeling. The cozy, little well decorated dressing rooms, coffee and tea offered several times and these rather nice bright white waffley fabric robes were offered. Once dressed, we went into a secluded waiting room. It was not big that's for sure and in fact I had no where to go but smack dab in the middle of it. I could feel all eyes on me and was never so glad to hear my name called when it was time for me to go in. The tech. was nice and seemed a little challenged by my case. And after a little finagling and pushing and shoving, we got 2 of the 4 images that they take. She consulted with a Doc who relayed to me that I would be eligible to go to another facility for an ultra-sound exam. SO, that will happen whenever I feel reeeaaallly bored and desire a new medical experience, and probably not too soon. Anyhoo, thanks for checking in with me! I am loving summer every chance I get!