Friday, August 15, 2014

One A.M. Phone Call

My home care nursing service called me and woke me up at 130 a.m! My nurse answered and I clicked on the extension to listen in. The On call woman asked for me and to tell me that my day shift nurse was going to be late by about 3 hours. Usually, this type of small conflict does not bother me too much. And she's a new nurse for me, but when these little incidents start happening too close together, I get a little...shall we say GROUCHY??? As far as "Client and Patient wise" this summer, it has been a little difficult at times. The company that is going to supply me with my new chair batteries, is to be calling me soon. Believe me, we have been checking with them for 2 weeks now. In the meantime, I need to re-charge my chair and it's old batteries, not only over nite, but in the middle of the day too. And during these beautifully perfect Minnesota weather days, this can be challenging for me! Here is an example. I went to meet my daughter the other night at Slumberland. We were looking at beds. I looked at my chair controls to see that my charge level had dropped to the one hour left mode. I have a portable charger box that plugs into any outlet. I ended up plugged in to re-charge on Slumberland's front lawn! Under the flag pole. Then we crossed over to Joe's Crab Shack. There were 2 outlets in the entire "shack." The manager brought me an extension cord and I was able to plug in during dinner. These situations become so old, but of course necessary and then I try to move on to what's up next! I just have to be ready for anything! So if I seem like cranky pants, this is why! I've said it before, being disabled is not for sissies! Smile thru it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With Today.

The 1st is that my "Arch-nemesis" moved out of our building. She and her husband did not like me. They were the people who thought they did not have to follow the rules of picking up after their pets. And I took umbrage at this and confronted. Beware to whom you confront. If they know they are wrong, they will display their innate meanness. I think it's because they are ignorant. They have come to become what they have learned and grew up with. The second is that I have run into one of my old friends twice within the last 4 days! I am going to have a long over-due visit with her the week after next when her kids go back to school. We will have a nice, leisurely catch up lunch. The third is that I continue to get to know my 2 young-adult children more as regular adults. She has bought her 1st glorious bed and he is starting his trade school week after next. These 2 facts have proven to be more roller coaster -ish than I ever could have imagined. But, it's all good. Steps are happening. Steps to growing up and away from the nest. Happy and healthy in the best possible sense. Enjoy the rest of your summers!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Live or let Die - Paul McCartney. Target Field, Minneapolis Aug 2 2014.

What a show! I feel so blessed to have been able to go to this show which quickly became a happening with my youngest sister! Including 2 encores, he sang over 40 songs! The weather cleared and there we were singing along with Paul, the cool summer breezes blowing through our hair. My little sis. never sat down. She danced all night long. So many of his songs have been a part of our childhoods. I told my Mom I still remember "Hey Jude" from the kindergarten bus 47 years ago. Timeless music and so special. LOVED 8/02/2014. Thanks little sister. And Nurse Jen who was a very good chaperone in deed. P.S. we did not record this performance. I found several songs from that night on You Tube.