Thursday, September 21, 2017

SO, I've settled in...

It's been good in my new place! There have been a few "Snafoos" little issues, like the call box on the front door not working a couple of times for 4 days or so at a time, being in the middle of 2 other wheelchairladies (like being back in highschool) and not having a garage when it's raining, but hey! I can handle all of these! I'm just glad to be here in the little city that I grew up in. Just like when I moved into my old place in LIno and the trails were my salvation, I go to Como Lake and Park almost everyday! The nurses enjoy it also. It's a very pretty and necessary brain break for me! I talk to people, say HI to dogs, meet up with friends and family there. It is definitely my happy place. We have been training in a lot of new nurse! My new Home nursing service has proven to be wonderful...each nurse I meet is almost better than the last! And the owner is in my top 10 list of my most interesting people I've ever met! So all is fine and good! Thanks for stopping ny and checking in with y'all...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Who says you can't go home again?

I was offered the chance to move back home to my hometown and took it! I was on a waiting list for this HUD home apartment building for disabled people for 5 years. My name finally came up and I had an entire minute to think about it! The pros definitely outweighed the cons. It is a petite one bedroom, meaning very small! I am really enjoying being closer to new places to explore, meeting new people each day and just having that fresh start feeling. There have only been a couple of minor issues like my phone land line and getting my number into the automatic door entry. Other than that I am back where I grew up. And it is definitely more of a quick paced city than it used to be. Oh, I have a very interesting next door neighbor! She is very outspoken and maybe a little too something I can't put my finger on yet. So yeah, lots of new things happening in my life to shake things up! Life is good.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Herb was my friend.

It wasn't the best way to find out that a friend had died. I was downstairs signing my lease renewal and happened to ask our current property manager about Herb. She whispered in a strange way, "he passed a couple of weeks ago." I was kind of disappointed that his family didn't let me know. :( I first met Herb about 9 years ago when I moved into my current apartment home. Herb was just about 83 then I think. He was always kidding around with me and I with him. We would run into each other often and when you did, you expected either a history lesson (he was a pilot in WW2) or a civics speech about how much President O'Bama ruined our country or where to go for good pie. And he brought me one once too. Who does things like that anymore? He was an awesome Grandfatherly figure in this building. And believe me, this building needs all of the grandfathering it can more than ever. Things seem loud and unorganized around here lately. We seem to have a new manager every 3 months. He was always concerned about how I was doing and I seemed to impress him that I usually had things under control and could make him chuckle. I will miss knowing that he's not around here anymore. God Bless you Herb. You were one of a kind and an awesome representative of your generation.