Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some Good Things Too

There have been several happy days lately for me too. I should almost re-name my blog, "the good, the bad and the ugly." One of the good things is I was able to participate in the Como Park Neighborhood Art Fair a couple weeks back. It was a perfect weather day and my whole family showed up off and on thru the day to hang out me and support me. I had a lot of paintings and they were marked low and ready to go. I got a lot of nice feedback from people, but the best sale of the day was to a young girl who was visiting from Belfast Ireland. She was studying the designs for several minutes and finally picked one. She walked away, came back and asked me to sign it. My brother then told me, "wow, your art is going to be in Ireland!" Pretty exciting! I've also been enjoying the weather and my kids. We have been cooking out a lot in our "backyard" which is a nice area behind our apartment building. Without sounding prejudiced, I sometimes refer to us as "barbecuing rednecks." You would be surprised at how innovative we can get with a little, 12 inch grill! My son is the amazing griller. He will wrap up broccoli, peppers and anything that we happen to have in the freezer. Mack is turning 19 next week and we will be doing what else? cooking out! So, life is good too. Had to share.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sick of "The Plight of the Caregiver" Stories.

In the middle of the night, two nights ago, one of my overnight nurses who should have known basic things about me and my "case" didn't how to respond when my main breathing tube disconnected from my bedside vent. After struggling and trying to tell her, "tube, tube!!!" she kept looking at me blankly. I told her to get my daughter. Cal came in and for one thing turned on the light and saw the tube and pushed it back on. As soon as I could speak again, I told her she was fired. My daughter told her,"if I didn't have to work tomorrow, you would be leaving right now!" Yes, she will not be returning. It is yet another case of me trying to give this woman a chance to become better by me trying to train and coach her. My case manager is visiting me with a regional director tomorrow. I will try to emphasize that their care giving company needs to implement better screening procedures. Yet another story to tell. I'm not sure why we have to continue to face these "challenges," but we do. My life has become a series of trying to "get over it" and move on stories. On to the next one! Meanwhile, I get tired of hearing about how stressful it is for care givers. The "patients" have been named "patient" for a reason!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Will Save A Doggy, Spiders...No

This past 80 degree something day, I came upon an old, red pick up truck in the back of a Walmart parking lot that had a little, barking dog in it. FRANTICALLY barking. The passenger side window was open about 3 inches and on the driver's side the older style triangle window was open. We all know how helpful those were for air flow. SO, my nurse Jen and I called police non-emergency. I was impressed as the officer came in about 5 minutes and wrote out a citation, then waited. It was another ten minutes. And this was after about 20 minutes that I had been in the area. A twenty something, frazzled woman came rushing out of the store with two youngish kids running behind her. I'm assuming the officer tracked her down and called her. A man also showed up and he appeared to have been contacted also. SHAME on the ones who choose to do stupid things! I mean, I'm on a ventilator and it gets stifling hot when I am in a car for 20 seconds. I really could have given them a piece of my mind, but I'm glad I held back. Ain't got no time for that.