Friday, December 19, 2014

Silent Night

I am having a silent night here. This version of the song Silent Night is one of my favorites and very soothing. I have been watching the St.Olaf Christmas concert from last year on PBS. Earlier this week, I was able to go hear my niece sing in her Totino Grace Highschool Christmas Concert. She did an awesome job! The song arrangement(name escapes me)lasted for 40 minutes. There were five or so groups who all performed very lovely. Whenever I watch choirs, I have many memories of when I too performed in them. Sometimes I really do miss those days. And it just so happens that a former graduate of my same highschool back in the late 70's (and choir member) wrote about one of his best friends from that time dying an untimely death a few months back and he had just learned of the news. The deceased friend of his happened to be one of my old neighbors in the place where I grew up. He was a very spirited kid and had a funny name. Allen Englebert. He was very active in choir, theatre and also the Barbershop Quartet. The former classmate wrote a very sweet tribute about how they were friends who came together in Jr. High choir because they were singled out as having high and crackling voices. Music had brought them together and they became best friends all through highschool and then drifted apart as so many of us do with our old best friends. I just think it's great how the music in Jr. High choir had brought them together. I hope you enjoy the UMD choir singing Silent Night. Merry Christmas and prayers to those we miss!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

In this group, there is no such thing. The more the merrier is what's up. In the past, we have participated in the local cookie bake that takes place in the high school Home Economics department. The cost is $45 per person and sure you come away with 12 or so dozen cookies, but there is no creative control if you will. The organizers choose the cookies. And I usually had the feeling that we were back in school and had to behave more. I told my friend, "do you know how many cookies we can bake for $45 per person? And we can be a little rowdy and goofy and drink wine? All I can say is it ended up being quite the blast and I wasn't even there for the grand finale, the hot tub! Kind of sorry that I missed that. Kind of. Thanks everyone for the memories. I am still cracking up.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

They Will Be Blessed

Earlier this past week, I came to learn that there were two young women in our school district who committed suicide within two weeks of each other. I really don't know too many details and I have found that the intimate details of their lives don't mean too much at this point. One of the young women was a senior and a mentor in the mentor program like I am. She had such a bright future ahead of her is what I heard. It was chilling for me to learn that she was at the same party I was at just a few short weeks ago. I'm sure that their short lives have left many in our community with a renewed sense of what is important. And as I write this, with tears in my eyes, I wish you peace, love and acceptance on what is a new and fresh day for all of us! Please don't sweat the small stuff and remember those who are struggling and who have struggled and most likely fought a hard fight.