Friday, April 22, 2016

Going back for another "Taste."

About a year ago, I was given the chance to display my little paintings in a local Taste of Scandinavia restaurant. They feature one artist each month. I was having kind of a low energy day today when out of the blue, the manager called me to see if I would like to display and sell some more during the month of May. This opportunity has given me a real confidence boost and I am ready to accept the challenge of getting 30 pieces ready to go for May 2nd! I do have 15 or so ready, but am also going to tackle some fresh and new pieces. I will post some more info. closer to the start of the display. #It'sBigForME!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Awesome Field Trip

I had a wide open day today and Nurse Jen suggested Silverwood Park which is near her home in Columbia Heights. We loaded up the pup and headed over. I had been by it several times but didn't expect it to be quite as new and modern as it was. There are accessible docks! I rolled to the end of a floating one and it was just so refreshing to be out a little ways on the sparkling water! On this particular dock, there were no guard rails, so Jen freaked out and I had to back up very slowly. Adrenaline rush for me, her, not so much! I will definitely go back to be near the water. It's very rare to find such a park with so much accessibility. Then we stopped at Mike's Discount Foods in friendly Fridley. I'm sure I will go back there also as they have really low prices on certain produce like $1.29 for a 5 pound bag of green giant potatoes and an assortment pack of mini bell peppers for $1.49. I can tell it may be a hit or miss type of grocery store, but it was just fun to be somewhere new. Here's to a lively springtime and checking out new places! I love it.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

When it's windy.

Back in my early twenties, while in college and the years after, of course there would be windy days. I bring this up because it is so windy where I am right now. I haven't seen it this windy in my corner of the world for a long time. The wind was terrifying to me when I lived on my own. I had to be concerned about it blowing me right over! I was so stubborn while trying to be independent that I would have to literally fight the wind. I spent so much time watching weather forecasts to see when and if the winds would die down before I had to hike from the parking lot into work or while I was doing something as mundane as pumping gas or getting groceries. I didn't have a car for part of my early college years and I had a terrifying crack of dawn morning while up in Duluth on my way to school one day. It was dark, bitter cold and 30 below and windy. It blew me down on a sidewalk and thank God a man saw me get knocked down and came to help me up. i wasn't hurt but then had to get my head straight again and focus on getting through my day. I think it was my self talk that got me through every day. And my self talk still gets me through. Some of the battles that I had with weather and situations in my every day life helped to prepare me for hanging in there and remaining as tough as I can be to this day. Mind over matter. The wind reminds me to be happy right where I am!