Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Will Save A Doggy, Spiders...No

This past 80 degree something day, I came upon an old, red pick up truck in the back of a Walmart parking lot that had a little, barking dog in it. FRANTICALLY barking. The passenger side window was open about 3 inches and on the driver's side the older style triangle window was open. We all know how helpful those were for air flow. SO, my nurse Jen and I called police non-emergency. I was impressed as the officer came in about 5 minutes and wrote out a citation, then waited. It was another ten minutes. And this was after about 20 minutes that I had been in the area. A twenty something, frazzled woman came rushing out of the store with two youngish kids running behind her. I'm assuming the officer tracked her down and called her. A man also showed up and he appeared to have been contacted also. SHAME on the ones who choose to do stupid things! I mean, I'm on a ventilator and it gets stifling hot when I am in a car for 20 seconds. I really could have given them a piece of my mind, but I'm glad I held back. Ain't got no time for that.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just Call Me Martha

Counting today, I have been told 3 times that I look like the always glamorous and amorous Martha Stewart. Once the person tells me this, they say something like, "well, Martha is a beautiful woman!" as if I am disputing the fact. Usually just a little taken a back. Yet, I'll take it. After all, despite her good looks, she is a good baker, speaker, crafter. Yes, I'll take it. How is everyone else doing with their summers so far? I am in the throws of beginning the process of ordering and getting a new wheelchair approved. I am also still getting used to our new apartment. We are trying to sneak in some family fun when we can. Last week we went to our old neighborhood for a birthday garage party and I don't remember laughing that hard since I don't know when. How lucky are we to have years ago, fallen into this neighborhood of the best people? It's been wonderful to be able to go back once in awhile to celebrate the good parts of our past lives.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Worst Sound I Have Ever Heard

The sound was our 20 pound dog, Brody being attacked by three neighboring dogs right outside of our apartment door. And my daughter shreeking in terror because she couldn't get them away from him. I knew there was one dog across the hall from us, but not three of them. Apparently, when someone opened their door, they all charged right out into the hallway! One was so adamant on getting Brody that he actually ran into our apartment after the attack! The owner did come over to see if he was alright but at that point we didn't realize that he had a puncture bite on his front leg. I called police (non-emergency) and an officer came to file a report. He talked with the neighbors also. This morning Cal is bringing Brodes up to the vet to get checked out. I'm sure we'll all be slightly traumatized for awhile. And as usual, realizing that it could have always been worse!