Saturday, October 18, 2014

I "Ikea-ed" Yesterday.

I think it may have been a bad day to go to Ikea. Afterall, it was a friday and also "MEA" or whatever the newer name is. That being said, the place did not seem as pleasant as it used to be even despite the crowds of families with kids in tow. It wasn't as fresh as it was when it first opened. While waiting for Nurse Jen, I noticed that they have a First Aid office. At first, I thought it seemed odd. Jump ahead to our little lunch break and we noticed a woman being surrounded and given an oxygen mask. Then paramedics came too. This was a little unnerving and I guess the First Aid office IS necessary at their stores. I also noticed that there were not any staff roaming around to answer questions or to help out in the warehouse portion. So they must have injuries as shoppers are trying to reach the boxed up merchandise on the tall and intimidating shelves. I even saw a parent lift a 5 or so year old up to reach an item. Good grief. I did enjoy finding what I was looking for in the 50 % off and under section. The two nesting tables that I was hauling around in a box, were there already assembled and 30% off. Of course they had an "as is" sticker, but I'll be darned if I can find the defect! So, it still always pays to seek out the clearance section in any store. No assembly was required! It was a score and made the experience worthwhile.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Conveyor Belt of Conformity

Hopefully, you're not on it. Or in the brainwashed mainstream. It's gotten bad, hasn't it? Lately, it's the phones! I like the "basics" when it comes to technology. And the basics in life too. My first stereo came from the JC Penney outlet store and had dents, scrapes and a record player with an 8 track tape player. I think it was $35. I hauled it around with me for years! It was simple, cheap and worked without any issues. Just set it up, plug the 2 speakers in and enjoy! Well, yesterday while on a leisurely shopping trip with my daughter, (on a hunt for warm winter boots) I noticed the "I Phone" store. It was packed with people inside and out. It seems the store is so popular and in such high demand that they only allow a certain amount of shoppers in the store at a time. Still in the mall, right across from the store, there is a holding tank of sorts. There were about 30 people (most of them on cell phones!) waiting to be invited into the store. It just looked so odd to me. And it made a good point to me. It made me realize that I am definately in the older generation and proud of it. i enjoy simplicity and being satisfied. I do not have to have the latest and greatest. I am content with the basics and at least in regards to all of the cell phones, I will not be riding on the conveyor belt searching for electronic gadgets to make me happy. I still don't understand why being so in touch with everyone all of the time is such a good thing. I will not be in the holding tank any time soon. Hashtag,,,feeling cantankerous!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Angels and Afghans

I was brought up to believe in guardian angels and that they are always surrounding us. Since my downward health spiral back about 12 years ago, I have felt the presence of my maternal Grandma. Grandma Irene appeared in many of my dreams around that time period. I thought that maybe some of those dreams may have been as a result of heavy sedation drugs. Now I believe that she was coming to me in my dreams to offer comfort, love and support. I still feel her all around me. She is there when i am laughing, visiting friends and family, cooking, and just enjoying life. I have been experiencing remission of my health condition for many, many years now. I lost my Grandma Irene about 20 years ago. Lately at night it has been quite chilly here in Minnesota, so I pull out my favorite afghan. Grandma crocheted it for me and my ex-husband as an engagement gift. Even though the outcome of that union did not survive, I still get unmeasurable comfort from the treasured, handmade blanket. I always feel proud to tell about a small part of her and my stories to whomever is covering me up at night. I am reminded of the power of guardian angels by watching a new show called, "Angels Among Us." It is on TLC network on sunday nights. I continue to find it fascinating and comforting. Check it out!