Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Mile Long Cake Walk

Today was a mentor/mentee party at one of the schools that I visit. One of the main events happened to be a cupcake/twinkie walk. My little mentee girl friend must have walked around the circle 30 times before she landed a treat. She never once showed any signs of a bad attitude or of giving up. A few of her teachers have told me that they are still trying to figure out what she is all about. One believes that she is left alone for most of the afternoon when home from school. Once again, I realized just how blessed I was to have a Mom who was home for us when we needed her the most. And also a stable home life and routine. I never felt lost or lonely like my new, little friend seems to be sometimes. I seem to learn every day just how many kids are almost left to bring themselves up and how just because you have children, does not automatically make you a good parent. And also, "Bless the good and caring teachers of this world!" Hug a teacher, they do amazing work.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Torturous Bracelet?

I was in the check out line during my weekly visit to my local Target store when I noticed a cute bracelet on the cashier. At least I thought it was cute at the time. The bracelet was a basic band with jingle bells. These bells were medium sized and "jingled" with each movement of her hand. I told her that I thought the bracelet was "cute." She told me that she hadn't chosen it and that Target was making her wear it. That seemed very strange. I mean, the sound was annoying to me and I only had to be around it for maybe five minutes! I just have to wonder why these cashiers are forced to wear bells on their wrists. Aren't their jobs challenging enough? And especially during the holidays? Imagine loud, shaking bells on one of your wrists while you were typing or doing a task. How distracting. I would go crazy. People are going to shop Target the way they always do. Target is necessary to so many. What possible purpose do these bells serve? Too much. Can't let it go...yet.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Mom, Why Do you Buy the Dill Seasoned Green Beans?"

We had a busy kitchen here tonight. My daughter was making buffalo chicken dip for 100 people, my son was helping me roast off some vegetables, Brody was picking up his barking signals from the new pup upstairs...and uh yes, he was barking back. This is sounding a little typical of a normal night around here. It is almost always never the same thing twice. Each of the three of us will share and bring up different, important daily happenings. So, after sharing my important event, (I met my new mentee...)and I ran into one of my son's old friends' Dads, (and he and I shared and reminisced) and then my son Mack blurts out, "Mom, why the dill seasoned green beans???" And like most of us Moms would say, I answered, "have you tried them??? they're delicious!" Oh well, he has always been like me...a little practical, yet picky. Then both kids were laughing and working out the dip project on their own. I said, "good talk" and drifted away. We're all working hard and that's all I care about! Just trying to keep the humor flowing!