Friday, August 29, 2014

Navigating College Financial Aid Is Not For The Faint At Heart

I remember waaaay back in the pre-technology age (early 80's) when you were awarded financial aid, you received an award letter in the mail. Done deal. It explained a couple of different options. You were told to visit the campus financial aid office and claim a form or two. Unfortunately, those simple, uncomplicated days are long gone. Now you need computer forms and print outs. LOTS of them. You wait months for an award letter only to find out that the LETTER is in a student file online! My son was finally granted some aid and then came the voucher process to score some books. He made a few attempts to do this and when he kept coming home completely frustrated, I told him that "I am going to meet you tomorrow morning and we are not leaving school until you have books in your hands!" We approached the financial aid lady and she gave us some instructions for the computer system. Then we went to the Admissions office and got help there too. The Admissions lady helped us navigate the computer system and when she asked a question I started to answer. She looked at me and said, "now Mom, you don't have to answer. Mackenzie is capable of answering this." Inside I wanted to boil over onto her, but took a breath and just said, "well at this point, I have to be a little involved." I mean the financial part of college, is of a little bit of interest to the parents, don't you think? Well, with a little help, we got thru the process. Star Id, passwords and being tested of your knowledge of loans and then a slow computer system to boot. He got the voucher printed off and we strolled to the bookstore. I was almost giddy with relief and happiness! It was cute when my son approached the book store lady with the 3 books he had tried 2 other times to get, and he said "finally, I have the voucher to get my books. That didn't take too long!" Score. And I wish our government could make this process a little bit easier. It was a true test of patience that's for sure. (The government comment is for my Mom!) you are so right Mom. So now one last hurdle is making sure he gets into an a.m. class he wants. They are waiting for the 3 no show students to withdraw so he can have the spot! Ugh. Hopefully, another victory will happen soon. What a crazy way to start college.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Young man with ALS heartbreaking response to Ice Bucket Challenge | Anth...

Please watch this video all the way through. It will help you to understand how horrible this disease really is. It will help people to understand what they are bringing awareness to. I know that my own two kids are having fun with this viral fundraising, and I wanted them to know more of the meaning behind it! Thanks.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Good Day Sunshine!

Actually, like the past several mornings here in Minnesota, it is a gray start to the day. It is tropical feeling here. Like I told one of my sisters, "rainforesty." Several people have been asking me about my wheelchair batteries. They are finally going to be installed this coming tuesday. Once again, I will be able to experience the freedom that comes with a 10 to 12 hour charge of power! The batteries in my chair both power my vent. and chair. So, I will be able to go, go , go once again! Though "buggie," (lots of bugs) I have missed the nature trail so much! And I won't need to be plugged in for 2 or 3 hours during the middle of my day. I will also be able to go to the Mn State Fair next week. I know many do not enjoy it, but I still have a nostalgic attachment to it. Growing up, it was a treat and I worked there a couple of summers while in college. A lot of memories for me are there! And I like deep fried pickles. Thanks for checking in and Enjoy the rest of your summer!