Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Do You Think Of When You Hear "Taps?"

I remember hearing "Taps" every night at camp when I was a young girl. Those 24 notes of an instrumental song that signals time to reflect on the day and rest up for the next one. It was part of the excitement of being away from home for the first time and having different routines and regiments that you had to follow and respect. My camp experiences were such an influence on me that I wanted to make sure my own two kids had the chance to experience it too. We were reminiscing about this the other night. I reminded my son that he came home after a week and said, "Mom, why are my teeth fuzzy?" It seems that he had skipped the brushing of his teeth and opted for the quicker mouthwash routine! I don't think that their experiences were as awesome as mine. I think my daughter felt like she was in the military or something and my son was out on an island and felt a little too cut off for a little too long? Well, I am glad and grateful that because of my convincing my ex-husband at the time that the experience of "away camp" would only make them stronger and independent. I think it worked!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Endless Summer

Endless summer, sprays, storms! I actually love having to buy new sunblock and suntan sprays and even bug spray! It means that I am doing two of my favorite things; suntanning and strolling the trails. Last friday night, I was able to share my new favorite trail with my youngest sister. We had a blast. This trail is thick and lush. It is like being inside of a terrarium. Gnomes could be watching for all I know. Then that night, a really bad storm hit and I had to deal with the possibility of power outages. This means that I am worrying about the elevator going out and the vent. issues. I did lose the internet,phone and tv for a few hours, but it's the elevator being out that kind of makes me feel so frustrated because I feel so trapped. This is where having endless patience is a must. I had a party to go to and I did make it, but in the back of my mind the entire time was whether or not my elevator would be operating when I got back home. It was and all was fine with my world.I do have plenty of back up batteries, but it's just the fact that even I take power for granted sometimes. My youngest sis. was without power for two days. It was a blessing that her water was still on though. Hopefully, the storms are done for a while. There is still plenty of summer to soak up! Just don't want to soak up any more storms...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Smoke Is As Smoke Does. Creates Awful Air Situations.

The air quality in the Twin Cities has gotten so bad this afternoon that it's even worse than Beijing. Air pollution alert expanded to all of Minnesota because of fires in Canada The air quality has become worse across the state today - so bad that the MPCA says it's at levels that are "unhealthy for everyone." BRINGMETHENEWS.COM Early this afternoon, I started noticing and smelling the thick, foggy, stinky smoke. I assumed there was a fire nearby but hadn't heard any sirens. I then heard our native, and iconic Dave Dahl the weather man tell us that the heavy rains from last night and today have pushed the Canadian wildfire smoke down to the surface grounds. It is especially annoying for people like me who have compromised breathing. I opened the windows earlier in the day and had to close up again. I had ventured outside to check it out and came in very quickly. Didn't want the smoke to pollute my vent. If any of you are of Catholic descent, the smoke smell reminds me of the incense used on special occasions. Not a real pleasant smell. Hopefully, those Canadians affected by these wildfires are safe as they can be and for us, clearer air very soon!!!